Eight basic and twelve special courses ...

Eight basic and twelve special courses, thematic seminars and lectures.



Su Jok therapy, complex reflexotherapy ...

Su Jok therapy, complex reflexotherapy, Twist therapy, Twist osteopathy, zonal energy massage, visceral massage, vegeto-resonance testing, psychoemotional correction.

School for people

School for people

A complex educational programme ...

A complex educational programme «Health without medications», free introductory lectures.

Motor exercise practices

Motor exercise practices

Individual and mini-group exercises ...

Individual and mini-group exercises: Spiral gymnastics, Sam Won Dong (Smile Taiji) and Triorigin yoga.

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About Su Jok Academy

Su Jok Academy is a nongovernmental institution of supplementary education and medicine. It has been working in Moscow since July 1993. Su Jok Academy is accredited within the framework of the International Su Jok Association and is a leading specialized centre of Su Jok therapy in Russia.

Su Jok Academy is engaged in worldwide activities and has an exclusive status in Russia for advancement and development of the theoretical heritage of Professor Park Jae Woo.

Physicians of Su Jok Academy prove the highest efficacy of the method in their medical practice.

Several reasons to visit Su Jok Academy:

  • high, time-tested standards of medical treatment and education;
  • Su Jok in full volume from pupils of the founder of the method;
  • fair prices;
  • nice and comfortable atmosphere.



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