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International Su Jok Association (ISA)

The International Su Jok Association was founded by Professor Park Jae Woo in 2009 as a non-profit public organization aimed at uniting people who study Su Jok throughout the world. After the death of Professor Park this work was continued by his sons Park Min Chul and Park Min Kyu and his pupils from various countries. Moscow Su Jok Academy is a regional representative of the International Su Jok Academy in Russia.


The goals and objectives of the International Su Jok Association.

  • development and propagation of the methods of Su Jok therapy intended to protect people’s health, to exchange experience with colleagues;
  • people training in bodily practices (Sam Wong Dong, Triorigin yoga, Spiral gymnastics, Twist therapy) that contribute to staying healthy;
  • development and propagation of methods aimed at spiritual development of people;
  • assistance in protecting the rights and professional interests of physicians — Su Jok therapists and their patients;
  • protection of copyright and intellectual property of the Association and its members;
  • elaboration and protection of uniform guidelines on the methodology of training and certification of specialists, creation of a united worldwide base of lecturers;
  • creation of a united worldwide base of specialists practising Su Jok therapy, Twist therapy, Sam Wong Dong, Triorigin yoga, Smile meditation;


Rights and obligations of members of the International Su Jok Association

  • the Association is open for new members;
  • a member of the Association can be any individual who attended not less than one training course delivered by a lecturer who is accredited by the Association;
  • for joining the Association, a standard-form application should be submitted and membership dues should be paid;
  • membership dues are payable once in four years and constitute a sum equivalent to 10 (ten) euros;
  • members of the Association receive a membership card indicating their qualification statuses (if there are such) in all disciplines;
  • on the expiry of the membership card it should be replaced by a new one, for which the member should address a regional representative office of the International Su Jok Association;
  • all members of the Association are included into a unified international database containing information about the date of entry, qualification certificates and their validity periods;
  • members of the Association have the right to obtain all necessary information and legal support, and also discounts for some lectures and seminars delivered by lecturers of the Association;
  • the International Su Jok Association offers promotional support to members of the Association, who have the appropriate qualification level, in opening affiliated branches, medical rooms, centres;
  • violation of the copyright norms, forgery of certificates, a public negative evaluation of the forms, methods, goals and directions of the activities of the Association expressed by a member of the Association, and also behaviour, insulting the honour and dignity of other members of the Association leads to exclusion from the International Su Jok Association with a relevant record in the database.
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