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Academy activity

Su Jok Academy is a nongovernmental institution of additional education and medicine, and has been working inMoscow since July 1993. Su Jok Academy is accredited under the auspices ofthe International Su Jok Association and is a leading specialized centre ofSu Jok therapy in Russia.

Moscow Su Jok Academy is engaged in international activities and has an exclusive status in Russia with respect to propagation and development of the theoretical heritage of Professor Park Jae Woo. The organization that he set up and the copyright for intellectual property both in Russia and throughout the world belong to hisheirsDr. Park Min Chul and Dr. Park Min Kyu, who currently leadMoscow Su Jok Academy and similar organizations worldwide.

The methodological guidelines 2000/230 «OnnuriSu Jok therapy: The use of the correspondence systems in clinical practice» approved by the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federationon 15.05.2001 recommended the method ofSu Jok therapy for practical health care andapproved its use as a type of traditional medicine «reflexotherapy».

ReflexotherapyandSu Jok therapy are included into the list of licensed methods of traditional medicine. NIAEaM «Su Jok Academy» has the license for medical practice inreflexotherapyandSu Jok therapy granted by Moscow Department of Public Health(MDKZ 17250/8709), and also a license for educational work inSu Jok therapy granted by Moscow Department of Education(028105).

During the period of their activities, physicians ofSu Jok Academy held training seminars inSu Jok therapy in more than 50 cities ofRussia and in 30 countries throughout the world (Sweden, Germany, Czechia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Italy, India, Jordan, Iran, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, USA, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Byelorussi, Tajikistan, etc.).

NIAEaM«Su Jok Academy» takes part in many international acupuncture congresses and exhibitions: Cyprus(1996), Denmark (1996), Latvia (1997, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007), Mexico (1999), Germany(2000, 2009), USA (2000, 2001),India(2000), Brazil(2001), Belgium (2003), Iran(2005), Rumania (2004), Bulgaria (2006), Lithuania (2006), (Moscow, 1995, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.).

The major directions of the activities of Moscow Su Jok Academy:

  1. Teaching the method of Su Jok therapy according to programmes of the International Su Jok Association. Organization of seminars;
  2. Consultative and practical medical work in Moscow clinics;
  3. Research work. Participation in scientific conferences, congresses and symposiums;
  4. Publication of specialized literature, development of computer programmes, creation and improvement of tools used in Su Jok therapy.
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